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CyberCommHead100We only list one business in each city, so if you’re reading this, it must be available. Go to ZebraPages.com, open an account, and create what is basically a website.
When someone is looking for your products or services, and searches for them in your city, the info you place about your business on ZebraPages.com will give them your phone number, website address, email, and all the social channels you listed on the site. With your login and password, you can change the information on your Zebra page anytime. Your business will also be listed on one of our portal sites. The category you select when you create your account on ZebraPages.com will be the portal site where your information will be listed.


Campus Book Mart
318 East Lee Blvd
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
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Phone: 662-323-7660
CyberComm Marketing, LLC
Denis Everett P O Box 80020
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
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Phone: 662 324 3545 Fax: (888) 284-1599
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CyberComm Marketing

CyberComm Marketing, LLC has been in business since May, 1999, starting with an online directory to help businesses utilize the Internet more effectively. We have clients in approximately 40 states, Canada,  and Australia.

Our marketing tools and services can help you do what you do best, which is run your business.
Some of which include:

  • Building mobile friendly websites to help you keep up with the times. Visit OurAppsRock.com
  • Building mobile apps, which is important to
    keeping your current customers informed and  coming back. Visit OurAppsRock.com
  • Afraid you’re wasting money spending it on advertising and marketing programs that aren’t working?
  • Afraid you’re losing business because it;s impossible to personally answer the phone every time it rings?.  Visit LetUsAnswerIt.com for more info.
  • Social media management, including Facebook Twitter, & Instagram accounts, integrating them with your desktop website, as well as your mobile website. Social media means you need to be “social”. Most business owners just don’t have the time.

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